Allocation in the index groups occurs as follows at SeasonalCharts: USA for the most essential American market indices, countries for the indices of other national equity markets, sectors for important global industries, and long term for seasonal charts reaching particularly far into the past.

Especially at the stock markets, please remember our risk disclaimer. Even professionals find forecasting stock price movement difficult. Seasonal trends can only be a forecasting aid. The many other factors influencing the stock market must also be considered, such as changes in interest rates, company profits, and general market sentiment. Used sensibly, seasonality should account for about 10% to 25% of factors weighed in an investment decision.

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Top Index Seasonals

Dow Jones saisonal
Dow Jones

Financial Times Stock Exchange Index FTSE saisonal

MSCI Welt USD saisonal

Deutscher Aktienindex DAX saisonal

Nikkei 225 saisonal

Dow Jones Untilities langfristig saisonal

Deutsche Version