Seasonal trends are a favourite means of forecasting among futures traders. Sometimes it requires extensive statistical studies to evaluate a single trading strategy. The accurate seasonal charts of offer exact price information at a glance. Ein Anstieg z.B. von 100 auf 101 entspricht einem Prozent, was leicht über das aktuelle Kursniveau, das Kontraktvolumen und die Kontraktspezifikationen auf die aktuelle Situation zurückgerechnet werden kann.

Use the futures section charts only for the purpose of analysing futures. Seasonal trends in the futures market can vary from the underlying cash market. The reason is the arbitrage relation between the cash and the futures market. This varies from market to market. A wheat contract for instance can fall below cash market value if a good harvest is expected because there is no physical way to consume the un-harvested grain. But accordingly the cash price of January wheat for example can increase in price while July wheat decreases simultaneously. That’s why only futures market seasonality is applicable to the futures market.

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